Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 2009 News

My 25 Percent is back from its short vacation. Here are the latest updates for September:

  • The Layout - You may have noticed the design of the site has changed (again. This must be the 6th design of the site since I started the series around a year and a half ago!) Anyway, as always, I'm trying to improve the layout and keep the site as simple to use as possible, while providing as much functionality as possible (there, I'm starting to sound like a software engineer again!). If you have any comments about the new layout, feel free to post them here or contact me.
  • The Shop - I keep being asked "where can I buy a 'My 25 Percent' T-shirt?". I already got to print some shirts for me and my friends, but I guess I need to start thinking bigger. In the near future, you'll be able to order T-shirts and other cool original My 25 Percent merchandise online. In the meanwhile, if there's a particular item that you'd like (a T-shirt, a sticker, a magnet, a coffee mug) or a particular strip/design you'd like to see on an item, feel free to contact me and suggest it.
That's it for now. Now go and read the latest episode!

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