Thursday, December 18, 2008


For you convenience, here is a list of all My 25 Percent episodes published so far:

Season 1 - "Welcome to CRAP"

Introductory Meeting
HR Interview
Matrix Management
Manage Thyself
Acronyms 101
No QA For You!
Delegating Responsibility
Boosting Morale
Hans Pays a Visit
Social Networks
The Rewarding of Dan (Fan Challenge)
Bugging Question
Improving Effectiveness
Crappy Acronyms
International Disputes
Meeting Overflow
Sexual Harassment
Influence Without Authority (Part I)
Influence Without Authority (Part II)
Influence Without Authority (Part III)
Alone in the Dark

Season 2 - "Economy in Crisis"

The Recovery Plan
Budget Cuts
Hiring Freeze
I, Janitor
HR Assistance
Bad Day at Work
The Demo

The Suckup


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My 25 Percent is a comics series about a young software engineer, who one day found himself working in a large international software corporate.
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